WordPress Plugin Evangelische Termine: Change log

Changes 0.6.1

  1. Link to detailed event information included
  2. Copyright hint included at end of table.

Changes 0.6

Mayor changes after software update of Evangelische Termine at EKiR.de.

  1. plugin renamed from EKiR Termine to Evangelische Termine
  2. main.php renamed to eangelische-termine.php
  3. teaser interface removed shortcode and widget removed
  4. prefix in plugin changed from ekir to evt
  5. shortcode ekirevent renamed to evtcalendar
  6. Added more options for XML-interfaced
  7. some smaler changes

Changes 0.5

  1. enhanced date format for start- and end-parameter.
    The date is converted by ’strtotime‘ into ‚Y-m-d‘
  2. option to show only on a singular post

Changes 0.4.1

  1. utf-8 encode error in lib.inc for query string fixed.

Changes 0.4

  1. implement additional parameters to XML-Interface
  2. harmonize parameter names for XML and teaser interface.
  3. add copyright to output
  4. add links to events on server
  5. removed ‚Plugin‘ in Plugin Name

Changes 0.3.1

  1. deleted function tohtml ()
  2. added param „q=“ in evt_xmlliste() to queryString
  3. Add line feed between date and time in ekirteaser table (postprocess.inc. function postprocess-html)
  4. changed class dateWith in styles.css

Changes Version 0.3

  1. implement shorttag „ekirevent“ based on xml.php interface
  2. implement widget based on xmp.php interface
  3. removed some bugs

Changes Version 0.2

  1. Added widget support
  2. Added option evt_host, evt_script
  3. Renamed shorttag to „ekirteaser“
  4. Split source into multiple files