Phrasendrescher Tsipras

Schaut ich mir die Phrasen des Herrn Tsipras auf Twitter der letzten Stunden an, möchte ich an seinem Geisteszustand zweifeln. Des Eindrucks, dass hier jemand unter Verfolgungs- und Größenwahn leidet, kann ich mich nicht erwehren. Hier fühlt sich jemand als Verteidiger eines stolzen Griechenlands gegen das böse Kapital und die bösen Regierungen in Europa – immerhin 18 Euro-Regierungen.

Nur die Furcht müssen wir fürchten; ein Pleitestart garantiert Zahlungen. Da könnte ich auch die Zahlung einer Millionen, ach was einer Milliarden, warum so kleinlich einer Billion garantieren. Wertloses Geschwätz.

Nicht einer der folgenden Tweets hat auch nur einen Hauch von Substanz und bringt auch nur einen minimalen Schritt weiter. Dabei hatte er maßgeschneiderte Reformen versprochen.

  • The dignity of the Greek people in the face of blackmail and injustice will send a message of hope and pride to all of Europe.
  • In these critical hours, we must remember that the only thing to fear is fear itself.
  • The same applies to the payment of wages and pensions–they are also guaranteed.
  • In the coming days, what’s needed is patience and composure. The bank deposits of the Greek people are fully secure.
  • They will not succeed. The very opposite will occur: the Greek people will stand firm with even greater willfulness.
  • The recent decisions of the Eurogroup & ECB have only one objective: to attempt to stifle the will of the Greek people.
  • We pledge that come Monday, July 6, we will continue our efforts–with the power of our people’s verdict on our side.
  • The values we seek to defend are: #Democracy Equality Solidarity Human dignity & social rights.
  • With the support of our people, we will reject the ultimatum before us that is an affront to Europe’s democratic traditions.
  • I am certain that the Greek people will send a message of #democracy and dignity to all of Europe.
  • It is a decision to put an end to extortion and coercion, practices that have become all too common in Europe.
  • Honoring the sovereignty of the Greek people to express their will is in no way a decision to rupture w/Europe.
  • With a clear „NO“, we send a message that Greece is not going to surrender.
  • Many are asking: what happens after the #referendum? With a clear „NO“, we will have a much stronger negotiating position.
  • Reaching an agreement was not the goal but rather for us to give up our political dignity.
  • We were also asked to opt out of the European acquis of collective bargaining.
  • We were asked to once again place the burden on the shoulders of pensioners and workers.

Phrasen des A. Tsipras auf Twitter

Es geht weiter:

  • The people of Europe stand by us-marching in solidarity w/Greek flags. #Democracy will prevail.
  • We have justice on our side. If we can overcome fear, then there is nothing left to fear.
  • We will insist on negotiating. While we’re close on fiscal matters, other issues loom large. We seek a viable solution.
  • Our goal is to change power dynamics. Our priority is to fulfill our election commitments.
  • We implemented large part of our program even w/econ asphyxiation: 100 installments, humanitarian crisis bill, 5 euro hospital charge.
  • We want to remain in EZ. We are not „guests“ in Europe. Greece is in the heart of Europe.
  • The partners accept IMF’s proposals for tough austerity measures but not proposals for restructuring debt.
  • Having asphyxiated banks & denied extension request, is it reasonable to expect that IMF installment will be paid tomorrow?
  • We will be ready to reach a sustainable agreement after #OXI / NO vote in the #referendum.
  • The power is in the people’s hands: Greek people will vote #OXI / NO to submission, unemployment, migration of young people
  • The institutions insist on ideological measures w/no financial benefit, e.g., collective bargaining agreements.
  • The strategy to prompt bank closures is simply an attempt to block the #referendum. Bad day for Europe’s history.
  • The institutions‘ proposal came with a requirement–that we agree to it within 48 hours.
  • This is an attempt to block any alternative political view-this is clearly a political choice. The ppl will decide differently.
  • Although our final proposal had been accepted, the institutions backtracked thus undermining the prospect of an agreement
  • The institutions were not interested in finding common ground, but rather to impose extreme measures.