Blackhole with new Obfuscation

[vgwort line=“80″ server=“vg08″ openid=“53a2f874bc98402495d2e659fd12c2d2″] In a former article I described a method to deobfuscate Blackhole obfuscated JavaScript with shell commands and two simple C-programs. Today I got a Blackhole Exploit Kit message which lead to a landing page – – with a new ( for me) – simpler – obfuscation. They didn’t insert random… Blackhole with new Obfuscation weiterlesen

How to deobfuscate Blackhole Java-Script

[vgwort line=“71″ server=“vg08″ openid=“fc30999c3de74f278c4b67b36475990e“] This article describes my investigations of the Java-Script obfuscation currently used by the Blackhole Exploit Kit. My intend was to write some smal scripts to automatically deobfuscate the Java-Script without using Java-Script itself. Using Java-Script with a little help would be an easy task because you only have to identify the… How to deobfuscate Blackhole Java-Script weiterlesen