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Derzeit laufen verstärkt Spam für dubiose Arbeitsangebote. Hier wird keine Firma mehr genannt, sondern nur eine Antwortadresse oder und verschiedenen Betreff.

Update 21.06.2013

Weitere E-Mail Adressen:


Weitere Adressen

  • Administrator
  • Regional administrotor
  • Regional Manager to work with a client base
  • Regional Finance Director
  • Finance Director

Mein guter Rat: Finger weg.

Hier ein Muster:

Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2013 05:22:21 +0530
From: „Micheal Carver“ <>
Subject: Office of the Regional Department
We propose you to work in the home assistant position.

This work takes 2-3 hours during the week and requires absolutely no investment.
The essence of this work for incoming client requests in your town.
The starting income is about ~2000 Euro per month + bonuses.

You get paid your money every 2 weeks and your bonuses after finish each task!

We provide work for every man. But we accept applications this week only!
Thus, you should send email a request right now.
And you will start earning money, starting from next week.

Please indicate in the request:
Your name:
Your Contact number:
Your email address:
City of residence:

Please send the request to my email, and
I will contact you personally as quickly as possible.

Micheal Carver

Wer wirklich langfristige Arbeit hat, stellt die Leute auch nächste Woche ein, wenn er diese Woche niemanden findet. Die Arbeit macht sich auch nächste Woche nicht alleine.

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