Nigeria Spam aus angeblich Lybien


My name is Mrs. Miriam Abdullah  former wife of director of petroleum
in Benghazi, I wish to inform you that I lost my husband with my three
kids was killed on July 15th 2011 by the forces of president Ghadafi
by a bomb attack, as my husband was not in support of his government
regime. I will like you to keep every thing about this matter
confidential between both of us and help me. My husband has in
possession US$165,000,000 million (one hundred and sixty five million
United States dollars) which he save during his service

Please I want to move this fund to your company for you to assist me
invest the money as I do not want to continue my stay in Libya anymore
as I am left alone in this world please there is alot of ongoing scam
all over the world so i am trying to be very careful if you are
interested in helping please be honest with me and get back to me with
your full information so that i can forward it to the security company
where the fund is for you to contact for final conclusion please
respond to my email immediately for your help

Mrs. Miriam Abdullah

Eine wirklich rührende Geschichte. Muss ich zu diesen E-Mails noch etwas sagen? Der arabische Frühling bekommt seine eigene Lybien-Spam. Wer 165 Millionen ($ oder €) besitzt, braucht Helfer nicht per Mail in aller Welt suchen und weiß, wie seine Freunde oder Feinde heißen.