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Von: „Mr.Joseph Ofori Teiko“
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With so much respect to you and with a good heart and the need to establish relationship with you I write you. I beg you not to regard this as a joke or as a contact to inflict harm on you. Please do consider this mail as one sent from a man who above all seeks peace, confidentiality and your assistance.

I have a proposal to make to you that will not bring harm to you in anyway. This proposal will bring immense financial gains to you and also put you in a position to manage a sizable financial portfolio. Note that I am contacting you because of the confidentiality I
want to maintain in this regard. I would have contacted diplomatic affiliates in Europe, America or the Far East Asia but this issue requires contacting an individual that can handle issues quietly without making it public.

I am Mr. Joseph Ofori Teiko staff of CAL bank Ghana.I am contacting you in respect to a financial portfolio of Ten Million United States Dollars (US $10 Million) deposited in a security firm whose depositor died in mid 2007.As the Director, Treasury (International) Operations Unit,

I want to assure you again that this will not put you at risk or in danger in any way. It is a quiet arrangement that will be strictly between me and you. I will introduce myself fully to you and give you the details of the proposal once I hear from you.

Kind Regards,

Mr.Joseph Ofori Teiko

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Warum finden die immer noch Dumme mit der Masche? Es müsste sich doch unter den eigenen Verwandten, Freunden oder Bekannten jemand des Geldes erbarmen. Muss man das wirklich schon wie Sauerbier Unbekannten in aller Welt andienen?

Have a nice day Joseph Ofori Teiko